Who We Are

We are a Financial Services Banking Group,
focused in The Democratic Republic 
of Congo.

Founded in October 2018

Our Mission
Our Mission is to Help Build Congo by empowering our people for a better future.

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  • Avenir Bank will succeed by bringing
    our strategy and mission to life through our values.

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    Customers First

  • We serve the community and build lasting relationships

  • We earn trust by focusing on needs and delivering excellent service.

  • We act responsibly, do everything possible to create the best outcomes and prudently manage risk.

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    We succeed together

  • We collectively take ownership of our strategy, purpose and values.

  • We collaborate across teams to make everyone successful.

  • We invest the banks money responsibly
    in the interest of our community and shareholders.


We are a Financial Services Banking Group focused in The Democratic Republic of Congo communities. Our Business is focused on personal and commercial financial services. We thrive  based on how well we serve customers to build deep and prosperous relationships. Our purpose is to help build Congo. It means responding to the socio-economic issues we believe we're best placed to address. We want to take a leading role in helping Congolese communities succeed Today, Tomorrow and most importantly Together.

We offer a comprehensive range of personal and commercial products and services.  All designed to suit individual needs from current accounts, savings accounts, personal lending solutions and finance for businesses.  Our people will give our bank, quality and strength – Avenir Bank will succeed by bring our strategy and purpose to life through our values.

Meet the Team

Company team

Lumumba, Founder & CEO

Lumumba has 12 years international experience through Halifax Bank UK & HSBC  Bank UK. Lumumba has desire to make a positive impact on society. Passionate about creating an environment with people at the heart. Has a proven record of success with numerous achievements in retail banking leadership.  Most importantly, Is dedicated to delivering a professional service guided by his long-term vision for DRC.

Company team

Dele Attach, CIO

Dele begun his career programming in COBOL and Assembler on IBM mainframe computers in the early 1980's. He now delivers business solutions to the SME sector using FOSS "Free Open Source Software" (Linux, PostgreSQL, Python); hosted in the "Cloud" by Amazon, Google and other industry giantsWith a track record of successful systems delivery to various blue chip companies in the UK, Europe and USA including, John Lewis Partnership, BUPA, EMAP,  The London Stock Exchange and KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom) Dele now shares his expertise of CRM, sales, eCommerce, ERP, accounting and inventory systems with small to medium sized enterprises. 

Company team

Chris Ennis, Head of Communications

Chris begun his creative career some 20 years ago, as an Artwork Supervisor for a leading national UK publication. Over the years Chris has mastered the print and digital media processes and creative systems. And now, he is the main technical contact between a central London pre-media company and the IT infrastructure, and third-party services. He is highly competent in all communication disciplines with particular strengths in Visual Communication.